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First things first, Google Products setup and management including search console, analytics, google plus and other products you may use. I like to centralize all Google products under one gmail address, it makes everything easier. Read more about Google SEO.

Keyword/market research tip

naples seo service result floridaPay close attention to Google search returns when querying “your city service name”. When the page lights up with a lot of advertisements, the phrase you just typed is generally a good one.

Website repairs tip

If you’re a small business using WordPress check your page speed, structured data, and mobile friendliness with Google tools. For page speed I like Pingdom too. Plus you might as well check your HTML code using the w3 validator.

On site Organic SEO

Be sure to add a little in-linking to your body content.
Be sure your WordPress page titles and meta descriptions are complete
Ensure your image & media files are optimized