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There is no such thing as an SEO trick. SEO Services

This is truly a monumental feat. Our goal with every site is to rank #1 for key searches. Four years ago we were told that our […] site would be impossible to rank over the big […] Well, below is a snapshot of the term […] No, we are not in the #1 spot, we are in the # ZERO spot. Google has given us a featured snippet for […] and even included our awesome graphic outlining the value of our site…

Congratulations to Stephen and everyone who had a hand in this site. This is huge for our future as a company for one reason… It tells us, it can be done. – Client

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SEO Consulting

There is no such thing as an SEO trick. There are steps that every business can take that will make their website more visible on search engine returns pages. I live in Naples Florida and consult with local clients here in FL, businesses across the US and multi national corporations too. I do all “SEO services” myself, hands on and I also direct UX, SEO and engineering teams remotely. Background image = true story.

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I’ll help you and your team understand the underlying principals of Google search engine optimization in particular and web search marketing in general. Then I’ll help you implement these concepts into your existing marketing plan.

SEO Rank Recovery

Have you seen an quick and unexpected drop in search engine visibility? I can help identify the problems and either direct your rank recovery or make the proper changes hands on, myself.


Having been an active SEO’er for over a decade, I can share insight about where SEO has been and where it’s likely headed in the future.