Atlanta SEO Services

I currently manage thousands of page 1 results in every major and minor market City across the US including Atlanta.

Expert SEO Consulting for Atlanta Companies

If your Atlanta focused business website needs SEO for better search engine exposure I can help. All SEO services are provided by actual coding, content writing and A.P. Style experts who you can actually speak with.

“I SEO e-commerce and lead generation websites of any size or complexity. My experience includes working on dynamic sites as large as half a million pages and WordPress sites as focused as five.” – Stephen (SEO director)

Atlanta Technical & Content SEO services include

  • consulting
  • keyword research,
  • website HTML or .php code quality assurance
  • image & media SEO
  • Google products setup and management
  • XML, HTML sitemaps creation
  • schema (microdata)
  • general web coordination
  • more

SEO pricing

atlanta seo resultsAll SEO pricing is standard and my work is transparent (yes I actually prove my work!). I have 15 years of experience; you’ll need luck finding a bad review of my Web Design or SEO services because there are none.

  • $5000.00 – START Local SEO service is a 3 month term and it’s for local Atlanta/regional focused businesses.

If your Atlanta business is nationally focused or covers local products and services nationwide, no problem. But above pricing does not apply. I am currently working on local SEO projects in every region of the US. Call me for estimate and references.

  • $1000.00/mo (minimum) – ONGOING Monthly Local SEO Service is only available after initial 3 month Local SEO service.

SEE POLICY PAGE for pricing information. I am currently directing & consulting with multi-nationally focused corporations along with local businesses in Florida and across the US. – Stephen James Hall, CEO, SEO Director,