We’d like to thank the clients who’ve written these great reviews of our services. Customer Service is our top priority and it’s good to know that we’re succeeding.

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Adam Boegel Home Improvement
I have been using Netometry for a little over a year. Steven and Mary walked me through the process step by step. They both listened to my Ideas and had a plethora of there own great suggestions. I could not be happier with my site or the seo services that they have provided me. My site is ranked as high or higher than companies that have had their sites up for 10 years or more and moving steadily! Boegel of Cape Cod 
Tom Von Zabern Real Estate
Stephen quickly and accurately assessed my IT needs and was able to sort through the muddle of my inexperienced computer retardation make sense out of the mess I had assembled, and put it all together in a clear and user friendly way. He is easy to talk to, personable and gets the job done. My only regret is, that this site restricts me to citing only three positive attributes!” – Tom on Linkedin
Brad Racino Journalist
Stephen has been the easiest and most responsive web designer I’ve ever worked with. His prices were very reasonable, his worth ethic is impeccable, and he got my site up and running way faster than I had expected. It’s rare to find a person who serves as both a designer and programmer, but Stephen can do both and can do it well. Whenever I had a problem, whether it was a week after the initial design or a year later, he would fix it within a day — usually within a few hours. I have recommended him and his company to everyone I’ve met in the last year who is looking for a designer/programmer, and I plan to use his services for every project I’ll have in the future. I’d be happy to talk with anyone who’s thinking about using his services further,  just contact me through Google+ and I’ll tell you more. – Visit Brad’s Web
Joe Muller Manufacturer
After careful consideration of numerous website & SEO firms, netometry was chosen based upon Stephen’s vast knowledge in this dynamic field. @netometry is moving along remarkably well with our new site at http://www.quickshelf.com/shelving “
Debbie Doerflein Wedding Services
I am a small business owner in Hamilton, OH. I had a web-site that we designed and put on the web ourselves but found there was little to no business being generated from it.

A friend of mine told me about Netometry Web Design so I decided to give them the opportunity to re-design my web-site. WOW am I happy, ecstatic, over-whelmed, shocked (words that do not begin to explain the God send they have been), with the results!!!

Since they started re-designing my web-site I have seen a dramatic increase in web traffic and sales. Before Netometry we were lucky to get a call every 3-4 weeks as a result of our web-site, and very little to no, significant sales. Now we are getting calls daily from people who have found us on-line and the web-site is still under construction!

Although the web-site is only partially re-constructed, and only been on-line for a short time, we have sold several wedding packages and wedding and special occasion cakes that are a direct result of our re-designed site.

Lastly, as a small business owner, in hard economic times, we had little money to invest in web-site re-design. Netometry worked with us to come up with a professional and high quality site that we could afford on our limited budget.

I highly recommend Netometry to anyone who already has a web-site or is contemplating hiring a web designer. As they have done for us, they can improve your presence on the internet, increase your sales, and deliver you a quality web-site, and all at an affordable price . Thank you again Netometry!!!

Kenny H Artist
a Boston area artist and i contacted Netometry web design to build my website . They are super friendly and were very helpful. They built my website and had it up and running very fast ..the price was very reasonable …..I highly recommend them.