SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO consulting and expert SEO services may include anything from my experience listed below. My current Google organic lead generation and local SEO work includes targeting every city in the United States.

SEO Experience Over 15 Years:

  • Originate advanced SEO concepts
  • SEO Director – direct engineering, content and design teams related to organic SEO
  • Google SEO (Analytics, Search Console)
  • SEO dynamic HTML websites up to 500,000 pages
  • SEO text, images, .PDF, audio and video files
  • WordPress SEO
  • Social network optimization
  • Google Maps, Images, Home, Assistant & YouTube SEO
  • Create pre launch SEO strategy
  • Competitor research


  • Directing the organic SEO results of over 3 million URL’s for multiple companies.
  • Overseeing millions of dollars worth of organic leads and secure online purchases each month.

There are many other examples, if you’d like to see more get in touch.

expert search engine optimization results

Currently working with Central Florida clients located between Naples, FL. and Orlando. Also working with national companies headquartered outside of Florida.

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