Orlando SEO Expert

Moving to Orlando Florida July, 2018.

“I’ve worked on local pages, hands on, targeting nearly every single city in the US (just in the last year!).The massive amount of web assets I currently manage and the ridiculous amount of URL’s I’ve worked on during my 15 year career gives me a unique perspective.” – Stephen

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I’m Stephen James Hall currently of Naples FL., and moving to Orlando in July. I’m a SEO director, consultant and technical services specialist. I have 15 years of experience search engine optimizing just about every form of web asset.

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SEO Experience Includes:

  • Optimized Dynamic and static HTML websites up to 500,000 pages.
  • SEO Images, .PDF, audio and video files
  • SEO WordPress or other .PHP content management systems
  • Optimize Social network locations

My clients include local Orlando, regional Florida and national US companies. I’m also currently Director of SEO for 2 multinational corporations. Yes I keep very busy! Non-disclosure.

Current Florida Clients:

SEO Consulting & Management Services

“This is huge for our future as a company for one reason… It tells us, it can be done.” – CEO of a company I work for.

seo expert exampleAs Director of SEO, currently:

  • Managing over 2 million URL’s for about a dozen companies in the Orlando area and across the US.
  • Overseeing millions of dollars in organic leads and secure online purchases each and every month.

If you’d like to consult with me about the direction of your website and plan your content/UX/engineering teams SEO efforts, the best way to initiate a chat with me is on Twitter. @naples_fl_seo