SEO Services

Expert technical search engine optimization services, SEO planning and ongoing plan management; content creation and direction of SEO related to all business systems and teams.

SEO Service includes:

  • Consulting
  • Keyword/business/competitor research
  • Website HTML or .php code quality assurance
  • Content SEO
  • Image & media SEO
  • Google products setup, management, optimization
  • XML, HTML sitemaps creation
  • Schema (microdata)
  • Site-speed QA
  • Accelerated mobile pages, AMP
  • General coordination
  • Any necessary other

My resume not only spans Florida, I currently manage the SEO of websites that compete in every major and minor market in the United States. Including, LA, Houston, Seattle, New York City, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, St. Louis, Los Angeles, Phoenix, KC, Denver!!! All of them. Contact for current Google search page 1 screenshots.

Located in Naples FL, 0% of SEO work is outsourced. All SEO services are provided by code, content and A.P. style experts. Search engine optimization for websites of any size or complexity; experience working on dynamic sites as large as 500,000 pages or local sites as focused as 3-5. I’m also very, very experienced designing and developing WordPress websites focused on SEO from launch.

spike organic traffic seoSEE SEO PRICING – All pricing is standard and my work is transparent(yes I actually prove my work!).

SEE POLICY PAGE – I am currently directing & consulting with multi-nationally focused corporations along with local businesses in Naples, Florida and across the US.

Where I travel to meet SEO clients

To prospective clients, If your city is listed here I will consult with you at your location as needed. Or you can meet me in Naples we can shoot some hoops at my court.

Depending on scope of work or necessity, I travel to any Florida (or US) location to meet with my clients in person. Current Florida small business clients include ones in Orlando, West Palm Beach, Naples, Everglades City, Boca Grande and other. The multinational corporations I work with target every city in Florida as well.

seo work early at sunrise

The proof is in the results and I can show you page 1 results in nearly every Florida city (and most across the US too!).

SEO Services by a Naples Expert

I use JIRA, Slack and other management tools. On-Site SEO includes keyword and competitor research, website markup quality assurance, code editing, content editing, speed and mobile friendly optimization, Google Products integration, social media management and more. Ongoing SEO includes management and content building.

Ongoing local and on-location consulting available at your local South FL area company location. All website SEO is done here in Naples by me and contracts are not required because I get results. Pricing & Policy.

Experience = Unique Perspective

No Naples SEO has more experience. I’ve worked on local pages, hands on, targeting nearly every single city in the US (just in the last year!).The massive amount of web assets I currently manage and the ridiculous amount of URL’s I’ve worked on during my 15 year career gives me a unique perspective.

Visit a small number of the websites I currently manage the SEO of: Pure AirPremier Pest ManagementWeber DesignBHIBest ExteriorsTriangle VinylSea & Stream Contact for references or read about SEO services.

Stephen James Hall,

contact: stephenjameshall(dot)seo(at)gmail(dot)com

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