SEO Consultant

“There is no such thing as an SEO trick” – Stephen James Hall

The last company to hire me as Director of SEO did so because we achieved a 1000% +/- increase in the specific type of organic traffic I’d been tasked to improve. This is an online lead gen company, using real time data analysis efficiently and we are able to observe my work having a direct impact.

SEO Consulting (includes)

  • Helping you understand what the heck I’m doing
  • Lots of research, you & your competitors
  • Website code & UX QA
  • Planning/Management teams related to SEO
  • Social & static network coordination (off-site-seo)
  • Necessary Google™ products consulting
  • Access to me and only me.
  • Policy
  • Non-disclosure

There is no such thing as an SEO trick. There are steps that every business can take that will make their website more visible on search engine returns pages.

I live in Naples Florida and consult with local clients here in Naples FL and many businesses across the US. I do all “SEO specialist services” myself, hands on and I also direct UX, SEO and engineering teams remotely.

This is truly a monumental feat. Our goal with every site is to rank #1 for key searches. Four years ago we were told that our […] site would be impossible to rank over the big […] Well, below is a snapshot of the term […] No, we are not in the #1 spot, we are in the # ZERO spot. Google has given us a featured snippet for […] and even included our awesome graphic outlining the value of our site… Congratulations to Stephen and everyone who had a hand in this site. This is huge for our future as a company for one reason… It tells us, it can be done. – Boss, CEO