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When building or SEO’ing your website and/or social media, I become very familiar with your business systems and sometimes need access to sensitive information. I will not disclose this information. See non-disclosure, which you are protected by as soon as you visit the Website.

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Current SEO Prices

These are my current SEO prices.

$4000.00 – Local SEO service is a 3 month term and it’s for local/regional focused businesses. It may take a month or more to see any improved results and it normally takes at least 3 months to see noticeable results on search engine returns pages. It depends on local market competition. It has taken up to a year to achieve top results in come cases.

If your business is nationally focused or covers local products and services nationwide, no problem. But above pricing does not apply. I am currently working on local SEO projects in nearly every region of the US. Call me for estimate and references.

$500.00/mo (minimum) – Monthly Local SEO Service is only available after initial 3 month Local SEO service. 500 dollars is the minimum and based on an estimated 4 hours of work per month for the average Small Business website. If you compete in a saturated market this price WILL vary up.

$175.00/HrOn Location SEO Consulting & Recovery. On location consulting available across South Florida including Miami to Fort Myers. 8 hour minimum.

No extended contracts required. If you choose to retain my services after 3 month period any ongoing management is on a month to month basis. Services can be terminated by either party any time after the end of 3 month Local SEO service.

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Web Design Prices

Since every business is unique, every business website should be unique as well. Considering this, I do not offer standardized web design prices. Though, the lowest you can expect me to estimate a project is around $4500.00

Website design estimates are given on a per client basis & 3 months of ongoing management and SEO is included with all my design work.  It takes time to fine tune the website for search and at least a couple months of analytics data is necessary for this process to effectively begin.

Visit my website design information page for tips to make the website design process easier.

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I do not sell “Products”. My fees are for consulting and services.

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I live in Beautiful Naples Florida year round. Call me at 239.777.1556 with any questions.

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