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PappaLuigi’s is an Optimized WordPress marketing website. It’s built using the free Suffusion theme and it has very few plugins(no SEO plugin). When it comes to small business and SEO sometimes less is more and in this case it seems to be. The only “SEO” we actually did was build the website in a proper manner, considering markup validation, Section 508 compliance, thoroughly filling in appropriate meta tags and the like.

There were no search engine submissions, link-building schemes or any other off site methods used in achieving Page 1, number 1 results. Anyone who knows current SEO trends knows that back-linking is an outdated SEO method. Be very leery of services that offer backlinking as a lynchpin in their process. The only links coming into your site that really matter to a local or regional business, in 2013, are those from active social network locations.

The first screenshot(click it to enlarge) is of a Google returns page for the query “hamilton oh pizza delivery”. The only results above our client’s website are Ads. You can see by the title we went for phrases like “hamilton oh pizza restaurant”, “hamilton oh take out” etc and PappaLuigi’s¬†happens to be one of the top 3 returns for those queries and quite a few others to boot.

Stephen James Hall