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What good is a website that isn’t easily findable through search engines? Not much. If your business website doesn’t rank as well as it should, or if you need a new website, contact us.
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Expert Search Engine Optimization

On-Site SEO Services include HTML markup quality assurance, Section 508 compliance audit and fixes, Google™ author and publisher markup implementation, Micro-data implementation and extensive online identity verification. Naples, FL. 239-777-1556

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Learn more about our expert local Naples, FL. SEO services.

Organic SEO

What is organic search optimization? The results on the SERP that matter.

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My web traffic is up several hundred percent! I am getting 1st page search engine results!

Tyler Foster

Owner, Tyler Foster Insurance

Google™ SEO Basics

Getting cached by Google is pretty easy, they are very, very efficient in gathering new pages. A couple tweets, a few links on Facebook, you’re cached. To rank well in a google search is another story

Schema: SEO & Microdata

So now SEO’ers, with a language to call their own, can use microdata to explain the content on their websites more clearly…

“Long Tail” Keyword Phrases, SEO.

SEO and Long tail keyword phrases. Consumer keyword phrases, usually containing 3 or more words, with which a search engine user will focus their query in order to obtain more relevant search results.

Best SEO Tool of 2014

Your brain will always be the best SEO tool regardless of the year. Learn about the important SEO factors that never change much.

SEO, Back-link Check

Wondering how to check the number of links that come to your website(inbound links), through Googlebot’s eyes? It’s really easy.