Long tail keyword phrases are consumer keyword phrases, usually containing 3 or more words, with which a search engine user will focus their query in order to obtain more relevant search results.

An example:

Querying “Bathroom Fixtures” yields a variety of manufacturers and retail locations. “Kohler Bathroom Fixtures Boston” yields very different results and is a great long tail phrase to use if you sell those there. Adding the following emphases to important phrases can be helpful to the SEO plan too…

Add long tail phrase to header tag <h1, h2, h3…,

  • link long tail title tag anchor text,
  • Underline or italicize “your long tail keyword phrases” (you can quote them too)
  • bolden your long tail keyword phrase and/or add a splash of color
  • These emphases (HTML tags) make the phrases more noticeable to users and bots.

When thinking of long tail phrases to add to a website, common words I’ll consider adding are ‘buy online'(if it’s an eCommerce site), get, find & of course, the location.