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There are a couple different ways to find the best related phrases to use when SEO’ing your website. The quickest is Google search results pages themselves. They offer many clues. I’ll talk about a couple that the beginner may overlook.

keyword phrase research ideasThe first place to look for hints is in Google’s predictive mode, the drop down that appears while you type your keyword phrase. If you’re looking at the screen while typing, like you’re supposed to, you’ll see related searches appear as you do. Check out the pic.

If you sell and possess expert knowledge of “new cars” it would be smart to type about it. Or if you sell the best ‘type’ of new car it may be smart to work in text about the other ‘types’ as well.

Then, hitting enter without finishing the sentence will produce different suggestions at the bottom of the page. See this in the below pic. There will often be some overlap but this query in particular shows alternate phrases worth considering.

keyword phrase research ideas twoNow here is a more important hint than those 2. Dont use phrases in a haphazard way. Using a bunch of random phrases in the meta data or just pasted across the bottom of a site could and should be seen as spam. One little red mark can negate 20 green ones.

Pro Tip-If you’re searching for phrases and there are a lot of ads on a particular Google SERP, that phrase is probably a good one!

Checking google trends is another easy way to get key-phrase ideas.