SEO for voice search devices like Google home isn’t more difficult structurally than normal SEO, it just takes a little extra thought and planning.

In conjunction with the Google Assistant phone app, Google home is a powerful search tool. Ask your Google home a question and you’ll get a reference link to the spoken answer sent to your device. Oh yes.

How do I SEO for Google Home?

Write a good answer to a popular question being asked among your target audience. Use about 300 keystrokes and write in a natural way that fully explains the idea. Maybe your answer will become a “featured snippet“. Google-bot seems to favor a few elements sometimes like very precise bullet points and information found within tables, but I’m certain that no special code or SEO trick is necessary.

Voice Search Optimization – “VSO”

Considering devices like Google Home during SEO is very important since voice search is so easy. Seriously, I sit here OK googling questions for fun. This ease means your target audience will be using it, so you might as well start now, I mean yesterday.

VSO Tips

  • Write conversationally
  • Use proper HTML
  • Use structured data when applicable

Simple example of some content that could become a featured snippet:

<h1… some phrase


<h2 supplemental phrase

<a href=”#anchorphrase”>Go to: the important below the fold content</a>

That anchor link skips this textual content that would have a few good internal reference links if I were optimizing it..

<h3 id=”anchorphrase”>some phrase</a>

  • bullet list
  • of some
  • related phrases

<h4 id=”anchorphrase”>below the fold phrase</a>

  • bullet list
  • of below the
  • fold phrases

300 keystroke exit paragraph with a few internal links

I think most of the difference may end up being stylistic. Google bot will want to be personable will it not?

seo featured snippet read by google home