image seo wordpress

#1. click to enlarge

Let’s add images to the pages of your new WordPress website. It’s easy enough to do but there are a few things to note.

This first screenshot #1. shows where to find the create new post link. #2. shows the location of the insert ‘media’  button. Media meaning pictures or video(or pdf’s and other things).

This next screenshot(bottom of page) is what you see after clicking the ‘insert media’ button. It shows a step by step order in inserting an SEO’d image into your page or post.

1. Choose picture,
2. edit title,
3. caption if desired,
4. alt text is a must,
5. description is important,
6. alignment, link destination(if image is clicked) and image size,
7. Insert!

wordpress image seo screenshot

I’m Stephen and I was a beginner once too. If you need help there’s always the comment box. This is part of a knowledge base I’m writing for my clients who want to manage or help manage their website.