Adding original, interesting, optimized images to your WordPress CMS is a great way to set your website apart from it’s competition. Having properly titled and tagged original images in your posts and pages will help you out-rank all those competing local pages that don’t. And that’s many of them.

See WebP Images & SEO for the newest post regarding images.

Image File Names

First, always edit the image file names for SEO before you upload them to your WordPress media folder. Do not upload an image with a file name like 87654322345678.jpg.

Also before uploading you can add add meta data to each image file. Do this by right clicking the file >properties >details, then edit the details.

Image Size

Also always consider optimizing the size of your image file for page-speed. Example: If I’m going to display an image on my site at 500px width I generally upload an image of that exact size instead of a larger one.  This way the page will load faster since the file is not bigger than it needs to be.

Image Title & Meta Data

Now you can upload the pics and once the files are uploaded to your WordPress they’ll be in a neat column ready to edit again 🙂 . Be sure each image info field is filled in, removing any dashes or numbers from the title, adding a keyword phrase to the Alt text plus a short, descriptive sentence in the description field.

wordpress image seo screenshot

Pro tip: Images of the products & services you provide are a great place to start.

Visit Web dot Dev to check your images for compression opportunities.

Edited for 2019