I created this example SEO report for all of those who have recently asked for my time. I am not running an agency, I am an individual. And the fact that I like playing disc golf everyday greatly limits my desire to add to my current workload.

THE Sample SEO Report You Knew You Needed

This template will be most helpful to those already doing search engine optimization and trying to break into a more managerial type of position. This is a very generalized report and should only be used for reference. Each bullet point may, and probably will, have its own nested list including many links to supporting documentation. You will also be adding to or removing certain points based on your circumstances.

Executive Summary

  • Overview of current SEO performance
  • Key achievements and improvements

Website Overview

  • Brief description of the website
  • Target audience and market

Keyword Analysis

  • Primary keywords and phrases
  • Rankings in search engines
  • Competitor analysis

On-Page SEO

  • Title tags, meta descriptions
  • Header tags (H1, H2, etc.)
  • URL structure
  • Image optimization
  • In-links

Content Analysis

  • Content relevance to target keywords
  • Quality and engagement metrics
  • Content gaps and opportunities

Technical SEO

  • Site speed analysis
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • URL structure
  • XML sitemap and robots.txt

Backlink Profile

  • Overview of current backlinks
  • Quality and relevance of backlinks
  • Opportunities for link building

Local SEO (if applicable)

  • Google My Business optimization
  • Local citations and NAP consistency

Analytics and Reporting

  • Google Analytics overview
  • Google Search Console overview
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Traffic sources and user behavior


  • Actionable steps for improvement
  • Prioritized tasks for better SEO

Future Strategy

  • Long-term SEO goals
  • Emerging trends and opportunities


  • Summary of key findings
  • Next steps for ongoing SEO efforts

Sorry I won’t be elaborating on this here or answering comments, as usual. Good Luck!!!

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