Internal linking is linking to one page of a website from another page on that same website. This is an internal link because it goes to the homepage of this website,

When I add internal links to a website my goal is to enable a natural flow of information, making the website more user friendly. Don’t just add random in-links ‘because it’s good for SEO’. When adding internal links think about what related pages you’d definitely want the visitor to browse if there were no navigation bar. Then work such text into the content and add links to those related pages.

When adding these links use optimized code, meaning don’t forget the title tag. The code with title tag will look like this:

<a href=”http:// your url here” title=”your short keyword phrase title here”>Anchor Text Shows on Page</a>

I normally only add a few internal links to the text on any page unless more are truly necessary to supplement the content on that page.  As a blatant self promotional short example of internal linking; I’ve written quite a bit about SEO. WordPress SEO in particular. I’ve been using WordPress(external link!) for many moons and it’s a frequent topic in my SEO database.

Tip. The above is not a perfect example of internal linking because the links may be too close together on a phone or other smallish device. That may make tap navigation difficult, it’s just an example.