SEO Rank Recovery

Have you seen an quick and unexpected drop in search engine visibility? The problem could be as simple as mobile friendliness and a few code errors. Though, the problem(s) could be complicated and hard to pinpoint. Either way I will help identify these issues and direct your rank recovery; No engineering team? I will make the proper changes myself.

Confidence Level is High: I have about 15 years of experience and at any given time I am managing and coordinating the SEO of over 50 websites. This gives me a wide range of ongoing data and experience to draw from. These are not only simple local websites selling doo-hickeys, these include dynamic websites with up to 500,000 pages competing in saturated national markets.

Having designed 100 or more websites also gives me a unique perspective most other SEO consultants simply do not have.

Recover from a Google Algorithm Update penalty

Recover from a penalty with standards compliance. Websites I build and SEO have never been adversely affected by penguins or pandas. Why? When I design and SEO a website I do it with research, standards compliance, quality assurance and a little creativity. Not back-link schemes or other ‘tricks’.

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