Older reviews from my SEO services, website design, consulting and management clients.

I really appreciate how well you looked after all our performers. They were delighted to have a dedicated webpage as part of the event and the back up on social media also. It means a great deal when you are unable to provide fees for the majority of artists involved. Our emerging artists were particularly appreciative also.

Ian MacKenzie, Stage Director & Media Coordinator, Operation Pumpkin

#1. I contacted Stephen in regards to some technical issues regarding my website that even my web-host was not even able to resolve. I had actually been following Stephen and his company on twitter picking up  tips on SEO for my website for sometime after I had some bad experiences with SEO company’s and other so called experts in the UK and so its testament to his skill and knowledge that I have no hesitation in recommending [Stephen] even though they live in a different country from me! Fast response time, reasonable prices and expert knowledge. Big thumbs up from me!

#2. “We have seen a big increase in inquires from the kickboxing site[] which is unusual for this time of year. Building wise[] it’s gone flat out!! I’m having to turn work away lol

Lee Jones, Owner, Lee Jones Building & Roofing

I have been using [Stephen] for a little over a year. [They]walked me through the process step by step. They both listened to my Ideas and had a plethora of there own great suggestions. I could not be happier with my site or the SEO services that they have provided me. My site is ranked as high or higher than companies that have had their sites up for 10 years or more and moving steadily!

Adam Boegel, Owner, Boegel of Cape Cod

We could not be happier with the website Stephen built and customized for GLM Communications, Inc. Prior to his outstanding services, we had an outdated and ineffective website that we knew was not helping us generate any new business. Thankfully, we found Stephen! He worked and communicated with us step by step, and never ceased to complete our requests or exceed our expectations. He was personable and always willing to go the extra step for us. We highly recommend you use Stephen for any web design or SEO needs, as we will continue to do so in the future.

Lisa Morgan, Publisher Advertising, GLM Communications

I am fortunate to have met and worked with Stephen for a little over a year now. Not only did he do a superb job in both creating and optimizing my website (… but anytime I make a change request, it is typically completed within 24 hrs! I sort of feel like I am getting the best of both worlds…A) Quality work that you would expect from a regular staffed company & B) Speed, efficiency, and pricing that is not obtainable through such a company, but rather a highly experienced individual operating under little overhead. He charges a low monthly rate and in many instances goes beyond his terms and requirements to assist me in various tasks such e-commerce setup and integration, such as providing a head start in populating the shopping cart software with several sellable items in every listed category. This makes/made it a much easier task from my end knowing that I just needed to continue what he already started.

Joe Muller, Owner, Quick Shelf

Every day I’m more amazed by and Mary and Stephen. I’m so so lucky that they’re in my life and that I hired them to do my website. I’ve known a LOT of webdev teams in my long internet career, and there is absolutely nothing like these two out there. wooT! – Trillian

Trillian Owner, Nebula Vapor

I have exclusively utilized Stephen’s SEO services for the last 3 years or so… what a DIFFERENCE!!! My web traffic is up several hundred percent!!! I am getting 1st page search engine results!!! I couldn’t be a bigger advocate of Stephen’s services – great rates, expert at all things SEO, and he does what he says – a man of integrity.

Tyler Foster, Insurance Agency, Tyler Foster Insurance

I don’t know how you did it, but when I Googled Miniature American Shepherd, I came in on page 1 ! Great!!

Karin Hoover Dog Breeder, Sunset Ridge Aussies

Stephen quickly and accurately assessed my IT needs and was able to sort through the muddle of my inexperienced computer […] make sense out of the mess I had assembled, and put it all together in a clear and user friendly way. He is easy to talk to, personable and gets the job done. My only regret is, that this site restricts me to citing only three positive attributes!”

Tom Von Zabern Real Estate, Historical Homes

Stephen has been the easiest and most responsive web designer I’ve ever worked with. His prices were very reasonable, his worth ethic is impeccable, and he got my site up and running way faster than I had expected. It’s rare to find a person who serves as both a designer and programmer, but Stephen can do both and can do it well. Whenever I had a problem, whether it was a week after the initial design or a year later, he would fix it within a day — usually within a few hours. I have recommended him and his company to everyone I’ve met in the last year who is looking for a designer/programmer, and I plan to use his services for every project I’ll have in the future. I’d be happy to talk with anyone who’s thinking about using his services further,  just contact me through Google+ and I’ll tell you more.

Brad Racino, Journalist, Inewsource