Backlinking – writing the URL’s of one website on other websites in order to influence search engine results pages.

Since one of the measures many search engines use to determine website placement is the number of links a site has directed to it, many SEO’s manipulate the number of inbound links by searching the internet for various websites that allow the posting of links. Many of you have seen the spammy posts sprinkled into popular blogs, these posts containing “back-links” to various spammy websites.

Creating links outside a network(which includes the business facebook, twitter, pinterest, etc) in order to influence search rankings defeats the purpose of using links as a measure to begin with. Thus, black hat.

In the early days of the internet, when a website had a lot of links to it, the reason was that other people besides the website owner were linking to it. Why? Because it was a good and useful website.

The End. – Stephen James Hall