QuickShelf.com is a marketing website with eCommerce. We rebuilt it using the existing content on their old website plus WordPress software. The goal of the website SEO plan is not to ‘get hits’, it’s to sell shelving systems, hooks and other hardware. So we streamlined and modernized the store by using the amazing(and free) Ecwid eCommerce platform for the shelving shop.

seo services resultsJoe, the owner of Quick Shelf says“One good trend I’m seeing is that for some reason the average size order is much larger than before.  In fact, I would say it’s 150% to double the previous order sizes (this is very good for myself since my shipping costs pay a much larger factor in smaller size orders). “

The market for shelving systems is pretty competitive, and queries like “buy shelving online” & “buy closet shelving online” cue a slew of ads and contain companies like Lowe’s, Shopping.Yahoo, Rubbermaid, Overstock, Macy’s, !!! & now QuickShelf in the organic results.

How did we do it? Well, there are many informative articles in our blog.  Things like checking the code for errors at w3, researching keyword phrasing & streamlining linguistic approach, and creating and submitting sitemaps in Google & Bing webmaster portals are all important.

Through research we found keyword phrases closely associated with “buy shelving online” and worked them into the text and tags where appropriate. You could google “keyword tool google” and pick it up pretty easily I bet. I’m Stephen James Hall and I want your business on page 1. See more reviews