Pre-opening day pizza at the Pizza Press, score!

This new pizza restaurant in Hamlin, FL. officially opens on 4/12/19 but they had a couple soft opening lunch days this week so I stopped by. The place is sharp and the young man working was extremely helpful. There is a selection of salads and many types of beers too but salads are healthy and I don’t drink beer.

This thin crust semi-sweet sauce pizza takes literally 3 minutes and 30 seconds to go through the oven so I was out the door with 2 pizzas in under 10 mins. The pizzas are all 1 size i would describe it as a large single person pizza. I didn’t eat all of mine at once and I’m a big guy. Bill was under 20 bucks for the 2 pies.

I will be returning,¬†Here’s a map for you…. I can walk there.