SEO Consulting Result, Rich Snippets

A company I consult with achieved some very great search engine results recently. They currently include a featured snippet for a very short, competitive and non-local key-phrase. I do a lot of work on websites that shoot for competitive general consumer keyword...

Top SEO Results for Naples Client

I’ve been directing the SEO of this naples architect since about Jan. General money phrase results are starting to get very, very good around the country. They sell house plans around the world via their secure online payment gateway.

Local SEO Results Naples

Local SEO results without actually using the local word in the key-phrase. Fun, difficult to achieve and can really boost traffic. These type of results are not quick and could never be guaranteed but it is what I shoot for. This screen was taken 1 year after I began...

Local SEO Results

Example of prolonged organic and image seo. The company in the top spot referred the company in spot #2 to me because they were getting too much business via search engines. Lol, too much business… I thought it was a little silly too but there it is. Now I have...

Local SEO Results, Lead Gen Jacksonville

Choose a city in the US, I can probably give you SEO reference screenshots from somewhere near your location 😉 Work for a client in the lead gen industry. I could literally post these all day long for the next month but I need to get back to work 🙂