SEO – Learn to Get A Better Rank on Google in 2018

After becoming familiar with these concepts and implementing even a few of them you should see some difference in your 2018 search results. If you have questions the comment areas are open in each individual post, feel free to ask. If you’re actually a business owner with a legit question post a link to your web too  so I can have a peek.

Does My Website Need SEO?

If you're a local business owner you know if you need SEO. Your website is getting you few leads and it's on page 2 or 4 with a bunch of 'junk' ahead of it. Depending on your local competition, there is probably room for some improvement. On Google's page Do you need...

SEO & Twitter

I read a very popular blog once and in it the words Twitter, SEO, and waste of time were all mentioned in the same sentence.

What Does An SEO Do?

Hahaha! How many SEO's are there? I've consulted with teams and swept up after a lot of SEO's. So, should I tell you what the average SEO does? Or tell you what the average SEO should do? A part of the benefit of organic SEO is the actual time the SEO spends ON the...