WordPress pages are the ‘top tier’ of content for the WP website. I use pages to populate my navigation menus.

Type of information I generally put on Pages

  • Services
  • Products Information
  • About page
  • Policy page
  • Contact page
  • Core Values

Posts, on the other hand, can be populated with seasonal specials, sales, sets of pictures, how-to’s…. you know, bloggy stuff. Like what you’re reading now.

6 Important WordPress Page SEO Points

One may go into much more detail than the following five points suggest, but these 5 are pretty important in my opinion.

1. Page Title: The title should be short and to the point for the bots as well as engaging to human readers.

2. Page URL: Use the most important 2 or 3 word keyword phrase related to the product or service here, words separated-by-dashes. If you’re going back and editing an old URL be sure to use a plugin like SEO Redirection and redirect the old URL to the new one.

3. Text/Copy: Original, high quality and engaging text is a must. Handwritten, original copy is best. No one knows your business like you! Help your SEO by giving them text only you could write.

4. Images?: add SEO’d pics! People like shiny things.

5. Excerpt Field. The importance of this is dependent on your theme. Sum up the content in a sentence or two, custom write this, don’t copy-paste.

6. Meta Description: The page must have a custom meta description, since this text may be shown on a search results page. Unless your theme supports custom fields, you may need a very simple plugin to add custom meta-descriptions. 

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Lightly edited 4/4/2019.

Check out WordPress Post SEO.

If you have questions or want to add to these 6 points feel free to comment below.