WordPress posts are best for creating news, sales, and other fresh content. As opposed to WordPress pages which should contain less transient information and are used to populate the main navigation of a website.

WordPress Post SEO

This post is for beginner level WordPress users just starting to learn about SEO.

1. Make your title interesting to a human reader AND keyword friendly for the bots.
2. Add an optimized image or 3.
3. Add original content, 350-500 words is normal. 10,000 words is good too if they are all original and necessary.
4. Adding your page meta description is very important to SEO, keep it short, human readable & keyword friendly. If your theme doesn’t support custom fields you may need a plugin. Just query ‘meta description’ from your /wp-admin/plugin-install.php page.
5. Add the appropriate categories.
6. Click publish. 🙂

WordPress Post SEO screen

Click image to see full size.

I’m Stephen and I was a beginner once too. If you have a question there’s always the comment box.

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Lightly edited 4/5/2019.