Hahaha! How many SEO’s are there? I’ve consulted with teams and swept up after a lot of SEO’s. So, should I tell you what the average SEO does? Or tell you what the average SEO should do?

A part of the benefit of organic SEO is the actual time the SEO spends ON the site, as a user… actually querying google to see where it stands, clicking the link, checking out that page for opportunity, coming up with ideas to make it better and implementing these changes efficiently. If your SEO is talking about ‘build links’ and trying to shove reports in your face, reports telling you what some random algorithm thinks they’re not an SEO, they’re an out of date analyst. The only algorithm that matters is Google’s. The only way to get a window into that one is actual testing.

What I do is constantly test the sites, every main page, every product, every post… reading it again(again), querying Google to see where it actually exists on search pages, not just where some software says bla bla, what a waste of time. Because I don’t care what oz has to say about backlinks, I don’t care what random rank-checker says about whatever they say and I don’t really care about your blog either(unless it’s good, is it?). I already knows whats up, made 10,000 queries this week.