I’m Stephen, I live in Metro-west Orlando with my fiance, Mary (a brilliant graphic artist). I have 15 years of SEO experience and have worked mostly on lead generation in some of the most saturated and competitive industries like:

  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Products
  • Education
  • Independent News
  • Photography
  • Construction; All the Skilled Trades

My formative SEO years came when I lived in Boston MetroWest, a notoriously tough Local SEO market that gave birth to some of the best SEO’s in the business. I still have clients in the Boston area market and they are all on page 1 of their target phrases. 🙂 (2018)

Some current work:

stephen hall

disc golf

I’m an SEO expert but my experience allows me to build an optimized, responsive site from the ground up. I specialize in: 

  • Organic SEO
  • Local Search
  • Markup Remediation(fixing existing code)
  • Section 508 Accessibility
  • Social Planning & Management

My work enables clients to reach more of their target markets through search engines & social media.

When I apply my methods to Local SEO the results are relatively quick and long lasting. When I apply my methods to non local queries (without the city name included) the results take longer but have always been just as pronounced.

One thing I’ve learned through my experience is that some things, without a doubt, help a website become more findable. Maybe not number 1, but ‘in the mix’. Most of these ‘things’ are omissions made by the original web designer not checking his or her work. So, If you care more about increases in sales generated by focused consumer queries than increases in random bot traffic from 10,000 unnecessary back-links, you are on the right website.

SJH – 5006 Lakewalk Drive Apt (…). Winter Garden, FL. 34787

Original post: Jan 31, 2013 @ 05:32