SEO – Learn to Get A Better Rank on Google in 2019

After becoming familiar with these SEO concepts and implementing even a few of them you should see some difference in your 2019 search results. If you have questions the comment areas are open in each individual post, feel free to ask. If you’re actually a business owner with a legit question post a link to your web too  so I can have a peek.

What Does An SEO Do?

Hahaha! How many SEO's are there? I've consulted with teams and swept up after a lot of SEO's. So, should I tell you what the average SEO does? Or tell you what the average SEO should do? A part of the benefit of organic SEO is the actual time the SEO spends ON the...

Long Tail Keyword Phrases in SEO

SEO and Long tail keyword phrases. Consumer keyword phrases, usually containing 3 or more words, with which a search engine user will focus their query in order to obtain more relevant search results.

Simple Keyword Research, Beginner SEO.

There are a couple different ways to find the best related phrases to use when SEO'ing your website. The quickest is Google search results pages themselves. They offer many clues. I'll talk about a couple that the beginner may overlook. The first place to look for...

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