When SEO’ing a website, sitemaps must not be overlooked.

XML sitemap. XML is for structuring data and you can learn all about it at w3 if you want to. XML sitemaps are made for information companies like Google and Bing not for human navigation. You don’t need to know anything about coding to add one of these to your website either. There are a number of free XML sitemap generators around. If you use WordPress there are many xml sitemaps plugins to choose from.

I’m using XML Sitemap & Google News feeds plugin on this website.

If you’re not using a CMS like WordPress, after generating your sitemap you have to do is write it to your server using your web hosting control panel’s file manager or your favorite ftp client. If you have no idea what that means, comment and I’ll help you out. The next step is adding your sitemap to your Bing and Google Webmaster accounts. I talk about Google SEO here and there is a link to Google Webmasters in that post. Here is a link to Bing webmaster. Again if you need any help with this ask away.

*edited for 2015