Why is Twitter Good for #SEO?

edited for 2017

It’s simple. Tweeting enables on site SEO to work because when you tweet a URL googlebot(and many other bots) will notice. There have been occasions when I’ve tweeted a new post and less than a minute later found the post on page 1 of Google. There are other social bookmarking sites and micro-blogs feeding the info companies, but the number of bots interested in Twitter links makes it the top traffic cop I’ve observed. Even better than Digg in it’s heyday.

I read a very popular blog once and in it the words Twitter, SEO, and waste of time were all mentioned in the same sentence. I can speak from personal experience when I say that twitter is a very good tool if used appropriately. Always tweet your content considering humans and web crawlers. Tweet randomly and only one or 2 at a time. After the second or third tweet over an hour the bot traffic drops down to nearly 0. One tweet every few hours seems good for indexing results.

I’m Stephen James Hall, on Twitter @naples_fl_seo

edit: and now with Google plugged into the firehose I don’t see Twitter becoming less important to SEO any time soon.