Helpful Web Design Information

Informal Information to help make the web design process easier.


If you’re launching your first website, the place to start is with a domain name and web-hosting.  You can buy a domain name through Google and many others. I highly recommend googling “web hosting” or “buy a domain” and researching different prices and packages.  There are a few hosts that specialize in fast dedicated WordPress servers but please research prices. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.

I do not offer web hosting, I offer consulting or management of your web hosting account when necessary. A major web host generally offers better products at lower prices.  Plus, most major web hosts allow you to grant your designer limited account access.  You keep control of your website and domain, their work on the site is easier. Win win. SEO & Choosing a Domain Name


I use the WordPress CMS to build websites. Download it for free, get support and visit the WordPress codex if you want to build your own website.

Original Content

To streamline the design process and get better SEO results I ask for as much of the following as possible:

A)  communication
1)  general business information, email, address, phone#
2)  page titles & text,
3)  list of products and services,
4)  any branding, video/images, pdf’s
5)  a general list of keywords and
6)  any links/login information or manager access to existing web hosting panels or social media locations like Facebook, Twitter & Google My Business.

If you already have a website but want to rebuild it, great! Your site’s been around for a while it has a small advantage in SEO …plus It probably has a lot of content I can easily use.

Social Media Management Access

Stephen /Mom Boating @ Newpass. Pic By Mary

Stephen /Mom Boating @ Newpass. Pic By Mary

As your designer & SEO specialist, I’ll need access to manage and optimize your business’s Google+, Twitter and other accounts too. It’s best for you to create these accounts then grant access, that way you own and control them!

Integrating your website with the most popular social networks is a very important aspect of internet marketing and website findability(SEO). If  you’re already on Facebook and Twitter we will need links to your pages and manager access. If you’re business isn’t social yet don’t worry, it’s about to be.

Policies & Payments

Visit my policy page for the “latest” information.

Non-Disclosure for Clients

Link to non disclosure statement.

Tools I use

I use a variety of Google™ services when launching a website and social network.

  • Analytics,
  • G+,
  • Maps,
  • Search Console,
  • Trends and other.

Your having a Gmail account will ease the design and management process.

Stay informed

Here are some resources that may be handy.