SEO – Learn to Get A Better Rank on Google in 2019

After becoming familiar with these SEO concepts and implementing even a few of them you should see some difference in your 2019 search results. If you have questions the comment areas are open in each individual post, feel free to ask. If you’re actually a business owner with a legit question post a link to your web too  so I can have a peek.

WordPress Post SEO

Adding your page meta description is very important to SEO, keep it short, human readable & keyword friendly. If your theme doesn’t support custom fields you may…

WordPress Page SEO

WordPress pages are the ‘top tier’ of content for the WP website. I use pages to populate my navigation menu’s. On them should be the hard info,..

Orlando SEO Expert

My name is Stephen James Hall, I am an SEO expert with many years of experience. I live in Winter Garden, FL. about 20 minutes from Downtown Orlando…

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