SEO’ing your WordPress navigation bars is important & easy.

Edited for 2017

Instead of using numbered pages to populate your WordPress navigation, try using Menus, under Appearance, from your WordPress dashboard. Depending on your theme there are a couple ways this could benefit your website’s search visibility, the most important of which is being able to fine tune your title attributes easily.

A title attribute shows on some browsers as a small ‘pop up’ when hovering on a link[hover on me]. Title attributes are used by web crawlers as well as assistive technology devices. Using them wisely will heighten user experience and search visibility.

Also, when creating and naming these menus, remember to use SEO friendly names[noted on image]. These titles will show up in the code on every page of your website. Considering their repetitive appearance on your pages, you can see how properly titling your menu could affect the search friendliness of your web in a positive or negative way. – Stephen James Hall

wordpress menu seo title attribute


Ever wonder how to make your menu link launch in a new window? This next screenshot pictures how to. Click screen options and check the appropriate boxes.

image seo wordpress